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What We Stand For

We understand what matters most to our clients. We will work with you to identify the best ways to fulfill your aspirations for the future by finding the right strategies to pursue your wealth transfer objectives.

Life insurance can provide beneficiaries with the funds they need and can perpetuate wealth.

Life insurance is Life insurance proceeds can be used for many different purposes, including:

Personal Needs

Sovereign Risk Protection
The need to protect client’s assets from government confiscation or taxes, or interference with one’s property or assets due to political or economic instability
Estate Preservation
To pay inheritance or other taxes; legal, accounting and administrative fees and expenses while preserving estate assets to be passed on to heirs
To fund estate taxes, fees, debts and other estate expenses without liquidating fixed assets
Wealth Protection
To pass assets between generations without any tax consequences
Heirship Equalization
To transfer assets to heirs of choice, avoiding resident country inheritance restrictions
Inflation Protection
To obtain U.S. dollar stability as a safe haven for assets and provide protection against inflationary pressures in financially volatile jurisdictions
Retirement Income
To accumulate funds for income during retirement where domestic pension funding is underdeveloped, insecure, unavailable or exposed to extreme inflationary pressure
To provide funds to a favorite charity without committing the entire sum

Business Protection Needs

Business Continuity
To protect against potential cash flow loss (due to loss of expertise) resulting from an Owner’s premature death
Keyperson Insurance
To provide financial aid to a business to cover lost revenue resulting from the premature death or disability of a person
Debt Retirement
To repay outstanding debts or loans
Buy/Sell Funding
To provide funding, when two or more partners own a business, for the transfer of a deceased partner’s share to the other partners while providing immediate funds to the deceased’s heirs equal to his portion of the company
Supplemental Benefit Plans
To retain and reward senior, top level management through offering supplemental benefit and insurance plans

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